A Full Range of Video Surveillance Solutions

Spot Systems brings years of experience in corporate data centers and technology environments to your project. The equipment we install, experience and professionalism of our staff are second to none. The quality of our installations, standards and best practices come from working with the largest companies in world. Whether it’s high definition video or license plate recognition and integrated gate security, we have you covered.

Our Security Services

Commercial Security Solutions | DFW

Commercial Security

It’s time to start protecting your assets and investment with our advanced yet user-friendly commercial security and surveillance solutions.

HOA Neighborhood Security - Spot Systems copy

HOA Neighborhood Security

Spot Systems partners with (HOA) to provide user-friendly neighborhood security cameras and HD surveillance systems in the DFW area.

Home Security

Home Security

Spot Systems provides peace of mind to homeowners through our user-friendly HD home security cameras and surveillance systems.

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Integrated Design Approach

We take a holistic approach to each project, accounting for lighting, bandwidth, motion and direction of motion, and of course time of day. From there we design a system that will capture and alert what want to see, and not what you don’t.

Spot Systems will review your site security and identify focus areas and other problematic places that need coverage. We will work with you and your other vendors to come up with the optimum surveillance solution leaves you covered.


Professional Installation

We take the quality, usability and cosmetics of each project seriously. How your project looks is a reflection of how we look. From camera mounting to cable management, termination and labeling, we bring our data center best practices to each installation. We want our cabling to look as good as our cameras do.

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Warranty and Quarterly Health Checks

Spot Systems offers a no questions asked replacement warranty for all our cameras. If and when a problem occurs, we will change out the camera immediately to limit exposure and minimize down time. Quarterly Health Checks ensure that your system is working at its optimum level. Field of view is validated; cameras are cleaned and lenses are inspected.

Ask your Spot representative how you can extend the manufacturer's warranty and ensure your cameras are operating to their full potential day in and day out.

Video Monitoring

Spot provides sophisticated analytics that allow you to capture the things you care about and not those you don't.  Video capture can be tailored to motion areas, time of day, direction of travel and much more.  You can access your system from anywhere, and view the camera in real time or search recorded events.  We provide a flexible approach to event alerts and retrieval.  You can manage and monitor the system or Spot can do it for you.  We deliver a sophisticated security solution designed for use in residential settings.