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Commercial Security Case Study - Red Dot Buildings

Spot Systems continues to provide top-of-the-line service and security to clients across DFW. See what security solutions we provide for metal building manufacturer, Red Dot Buildings.

Red Dot Buildings

About The Client

Red Dot Buildings has been the nation’s premier provider of high-quality, custom-engineered metal buildings for over 50 years. Red Dot Buildings prides themselves in working alongside clients every step of the way and ensuring their metal building provides every solution required.

The Problem

Their analog camera system that monitors the headquarters and manufacturing floor had become dated and in need of replacement. Red Dot Buildings chose Spot Systems to deploy a high-resolution, state-of-the-art solution.

Red Dot Buildings 1
Red Dot

The Spot Systems Solution

During a free assessment, the Spot Systems team located areas at the Red Dot Buildings headquarters that were critical to security and developed a custom security solution.

Hanwha panoramic cameras were installed for a 180-degree view of the outside and lay down yard, as well as high-resolution bullet-style cameras for specific areas of traffic, loading and transit.

Hanwha cameras were also installed along the manufacturing line for visibility and monitoring as well as in the general office space for additional employee and building security.

Spot Systems also provided Red Dot Building with the Hanwha WAVE server that records and logs all footage in addition to allowing real time viewing by the team.

The Hanwha WAVE server’s advanced technology also allows the team to have remote access and playback to all cameras as well as in-depth analytics.

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Red Dot Security Cameras

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