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Home Security Case Study – Dallas, TX

Spot Systems delivers high-performance video surveillance solutions to homeowners with property and assets that need to be secure. We specialize in perimeter surveillance, gated entry, and access control. You and your family’s safety is our #1 priority.

In today's climate, security is more important in homes than ever before. In addition to keeping your loved ones safe, many people's residential property now serves as their office location as well.

While RING doorbells and Nest cameras provide easy-to-use functionality in a limited area, many residential customers need a more robust video surveillance system to monitor, detect, alert, and protect their property.

About The Client

This Dallas, Texas homeowner reached out to Spot Systems to create a fully customized security surveillance system for their multi-acre, multi-building waterfront property with limited access.

The Problem

Due to the property’s size, the homeowners wanted comprehensive surveillance that covered all boundaries as well as high-tech solutions that would allow easy communication and access to guests.

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The Spot Systems Home Security Solution

During the free assessment, the Spot Systems team located areas on the property that were critical to security and developed a custom security solution.

Motorized gates were installed with video surveillance and two-way communication for visitors and deliveries on the front of the property.

Panoramic cameras were installed to provide a 180 degree "macro" view of the property with high-resolution bullet cameras on the property and residences.

On the waterfront side of the property, panoramic cameras were installed for an overall view of the rear of the property with additional cameras placed in the key locations: along the shoreline trees, outdoor seating and living areas, and boat docks.

Spot Systems delivered a turnkey on-premise system that allows full visibility of the property and access control on-site or remotely providing security and peace of mind while at home, work, or away.

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