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Gate Access Control and Access Control Installation

Protect what’s important to you with gate access control, intercoms and telephone entry, and credential readers. When you need to cover down on your business, Spot Systems has the solution for you.

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Access Control for Your Home or Business

Your business doesn’t have to maintain a revolving door – you can control who comes in and out using credential readers, intercoms, telephone and entry systems.

For an added layer of security, you can use a gate access control system that helps protect your perimeter using your choice of security technology.

Giving You Control Over Who Comes and Goes

The right security system gives you control over who comes and goes on your property. You can choose a combination of security technologies with our expert guidance – we’ll help you keep your property and your people safe.

Access Control Software

Access control software, typically used in businesses, helps you keep track of who enters and exits a facility through key card, microchip or phone-verified entry.

People with the appropriate credentials can use specific pre-coded electronic devices to gain entry, and the software grants them access while recording entry times in a centralized system.

Integrated access control involves other security features in conjunction with key cards, microchips and other electronics. When you combine high-resolution security camera systems and other measures, you give your workers unparalleled safety – and you have even more data on which personnel are entering and exiting designated areas.

A fully integrated system can help you dramatically reduce theft and fraud. You’ll be able to monitor and respond to security alerts from anywhere in the world with internet connection when your security expert connects you to web-based access control software.

Intercoms and Telephone Entry

Intercoms and telephone entry systems are ideal for apartment buildings, office buildings and a wide range of other commercial businesses.

You can install commercial intercoms and telephone entry systems to require guests, employees and others to verbally verify their identities or state the nature of their business in your facility.

Video intercoms provide an additional layer of security, as well. Administrators can simply verify a person’s identity through video or voice communication and make the decision to admit or deny entry.

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Credentials and Readers for Access Control

Credentials and readers provide a tremendous amount of security in off-limits areas; they allow you to designate specific personnel allowed to gain entry and continually update who’s permitted in which locations. These types of systems require users to verify their identity through specific credentials, which may be items as simple as a smart card, key fob or even a smartphone.

Mobile Passes

Mobile passes leverage smartphone technology to help reduce your cost for security hardware. Mobile credential access control systems allow people to use their own smartphones to gain entry after using a customized app or even a QR code.

Key Fob Readers

Key fob reader systems are simple to operate – there’s no programming necessary on the user’s end – and you can use them to grant access to trusted customers, clients, employees and others.

A person can simply wave his or her key fob in front of a reader; the reader scans the credentials and unlocks the door, gate or other barrier if the credentials are sufficient.

Mobile Passes

Mobile passes leverage smartphone technology to help reduce your cost for security hardware. Mobile credential access control systems allow people to use their own smartphones to gain entry after using a customized app or even a QR code.

Smart Card Readers

Electronic keys and smart cards are excellent security measures, and locks and keys can be recoded when necessary. You can use smart card readers to lock specific doors and grant access to anyone who has a specific clearance or pick and choose which personnel you authorize.

Gate Access Control

Gate access control is the perfect solution for private communities, commercial businesses that don’t employ gate guards and other locations that need security. You can combine a gate access control system with other security measures, such as high-resolution cameras, license plate readers and more to create an integrated web of security around your property. License plate readers enable you to whitelist certain vehicles and block out others – and they’ll provide you with detailed logs you can use to enhance your property’s security.

Slide and Swing Gate Access Control Systems

Slide and swing gate access control systems can keep unwanted guests away. The gate won’t open until a person presents the proper credentials (or uses a telephone or video intercom system with a remote operator). These types of access control systems can even rely on proxy, mobile app credentials and smartphone technology. In maximum security areas, you may even opt for biometric entry that requires a fingerprint scan, face scan or other type of scan.

Pedestrian Access Control Gates

Pedestrian access control gates are ideal for any area that receives foot traffic. When used in conjunction with video entry or biometrics, or with an integrated video security system, you can ensure that only people who are authorized to do so are gaining access to your space.

Driveway Gate Access Control Systems

A low-traffic area that receives vehicle traffic may be the perfect place to install a driveway gate access control system. You can keep unauthorized vehicles out – and provide your home or business with even more security by letting your gate access control system work with video technology, a card reader or a video intercom system.
The right gate access control system for your neighborhood or business can:
• Enforce safety protocol
• Simplify visitor and employee management
• Reduce your financial liability
• Provide you with entry logs of all gate access events
• Enable you to control access to multiple gates

Professional Access Control Installation by Spot Systems

If you need professional access control installation, you need to work with a company you can trust. You need Spot Systems.

Our experts will carefully evaluate your needs and work with you to develop a robust security system that protects everything you care about most.

Your security is our top priority, and we’re here to help you protect your employees, your inventory and your property. Our security installation teams work all over Plano and the surrounding communities, and we’re here for you.

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